A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

by FITTER, Julian; MERTON, Don
A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

by FITTER, Julian; MERTON, Don

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
New Zealand is commonly described as the land of birds. Now, there is an easy-to-use guide for all those interested in this country’s remarkable bird population. A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand contains over 600 stunning photographs of the more than 350 bird species likely to be seen in this area of the world. Comprehensive and compact, the book includes full descriptions of all native species and regular visitors, distribution maps and measurements, key information on national parks, and useful information on ongoing conservation efforts in the country. Filled with handy tips for nature enthusiasts wanting to make the most of their trip, this is the only bird guide that anyone exploring this region will need.

* 600+ color photographs feature more than 350 bird species with full descriptions
* Distribution maps and measurements
* Key information on national parks helps readers find the best spots for bird sightings
* Useful information on conservation efforts
* Guidelines on sensible behavior for encountering nature at its best

Our Opinion: This concise field guide uses multiple photos to make identification easy, and abbreviations, codes, and graphs keep the descriptions concise but still complete. Between two and four species are illustrated per page, with multiple photos for many species. Opposite the photos, the species accounts include English and scientific names, alternative / Maori names, population and range, threats and management, and places best viewed, popoulations, breeding, measurements, plumages, status and conservation status. Each family or group has a brief introduction. Introductory material covers geography and geology, climate, flora, habitats, human history, conservation and alien species, with detailed maps. Plus there are sections on extinct species, and notes for the visitor with information on national parks, birding tour operators, and useful organizations, plus a bibliography and references, a glossary, and indices.

ISBN: 9780691153513

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Year of Publication: 2012

Page Count: 288

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