Gamebirds of Southern Africa

by LITTLE, Rob; CROWE, Tim
Gamebirds of Southern Africa

Gamebirds of Southern Africa

by LITTLE, Rob; CROWE, Tim

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2011, Second Edition. Hardcover in As New condition.This lavish book presents the 21 upland gamebird species from southern Africa: francolins and spurfowls (12 species), quails (3 species), guineafowls (2 species) and sandgrouse (4 species). The authoritative text is matched by detailed and beautifully illustrated plates of each species. An essential book for bird and art lovers, as well as the conservation-minded.

The text draws on the large body of scientific research accumulated over decades, and the illustrated plates of each species are works of art, conveying in painstaking detail each species' diagnostic features and precise environment.

Our Opinion: Color illustrations by Simon Barlow fill the pages of this oversize this coffee table book, but it is more than just pretty to look at; it includes a surprising amount of useful technical information. The extensive species accounts cover several pages with names and nomenclature, including English, Latin, and Afrikaans names, description, distribution and habitat, habits, food and feeding, breeding, classification, status and conservation, and suggested reading. The illustrations vary from studies of individual details to completely fleshed-out paintings with birds in their lavish habitat. The book also includes a glossary, bibliography, and index.

ISBN: 9781770079892

Publisher: Struik

Year of Publication: 2011

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