The Birds of Northeastern Utah

by BEHLE, William H.

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The Birds of Northeastern Utah

The Birds of Northeastern Utah

by BEHLE, William H.

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Occasional Publication Number 2, Utah Museum of Natural History.

This report includes species accounts with scientific name, common or vernacular name, seasonal status in the region, relative abundance, ecological occurrence, a summary of specimens obtained, designation of other pertinent localities where the species was observed, a resume of previous records from the literature, and upon occasion as data are available, observations on natural history and behavior. For some species there is systematic discussion where warranted.

Introductory material includes description of the area, climate, previous studies, Utah field work, ecologic formations and their breeding birds, special research, areas of ornithological interest, and avifaunal and systematic analysis of birds of northeastern Utah. An appendix of literature cited is also included.

ISBN: 9780940378018

Publisher: Univesity of Utah

Year of Publication: 1981

Page Count: 136

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