Diary of a Left-Handed Bird Watcher

by Leonard Nathan
Diary of a Left-Handed Bird Watcher

Diary of a Left-Handed Bird Watcher

by Leonard Nathan

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The author is on a quest - to spot the elusive Snow Bunting - and, as with all obsessions, it rules his hours, both waking and sleeping. In Diary of a Left-Handed Birdwatcher, he invites us along on his lively personal journey: through long hours standing silently in a Druid-like circle of fellow birdwatchers knee-deep in a mosquito-swarmed marsh; in feisty conversations with his ornithologist friend; in dreams where he encounters birds of unimaginable beauty; and in the words of poets, who through time, have praised these fascinating, inspiring creatures of flight.

ISBN: 0156005387

Publisher: Harcourt Brace

Year of Publication: 1998

Page Count: 145

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