Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year

by Barber, Lynn E.
Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year

Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year

by Barber, Lynn E.

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One woman . . . one year . . . 723 species of birds. . .

In 2008, Lynn Barber's passion for birding led her to drive, fly, sail, walk, stalk, and sit in search of birds in twenty-five states and three provinces. Traveling more than 175,000 miles, she set a twenty-first century record at the time, second to only one other person in history.

Over 272 days, Barber observed 723 species of birds in North America north of Mexico, recording a remarkable 333 new species in January but, with the dwindling returns typical to Big Year birding, only eight in December, a month that found her crisscrossing the continent from Texas to Newfoundland, from Washington to Ontario. In the months between, she felt every extreme of climate, well-being, and emotion. But, whether finally spotting an elusive Blue Bunting or seeing three species of eiders in a single day, she was also challenged, inspired, and rewarded by nearly every experience.

Barber's journal from her American Birding Association-sanctioned Big Year covers the highlights of her treks to forests, canyons, mountain ranges, deserts, oceans, lakes, and numerous spots in between. Written in the informal style of a diary, it captures the detail, humor, challenges, and fun of a good adventure travelogue and also conveys the remarkable diversity of North American birds and habitat. For actual or would-be “travel birders,” Lynn Barber’s Extreme Birder provides a fascinating, binoculars-eye view of one of the best-loved pastimes of nature lovers everywhere.

"Lynn Barber challenges a traditionally male-dominated pursuit--the birding big year--and is successful beyond her wildest dreams. She is an inspiration for all who love adventure, nature, and birds." --Lynn Hassler, author, Birds of the American Southwest

LYNN E. BARBER of Fort Worth is a board member of the American Birding Association and president of the Texas Ornithological Society. A past president of the Fort Worth Audubon Society, she writes regularly for the chapter's newsletter and lectures across the nation about her life as a traveling birder.

Our Opinion: Besides the fun and entertaining read, a handy bonus is Barber's list of Useful References for Planning and Carrying Out a Big Year.

ISBN: 9781603442619

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Count: 283

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