Atlas of Rare Birds

by COUZENS, Dominic
Atlas of Rare Birds

Atlas of Rare Birds

by COUZENS, Dominic

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This book offers a guide to some of the rarest birds in existence, with maps that show where to find them. Focusing on fifty captivating stories of the very rare, it describes remarkable discoveries of species not seen for centuries and brought back from the brink of extinction, successes like the Seychelles Magpie-Robin and the California Condor. The book is organized around key groups of species, with each species the subject of its own mini-chapter; we learn about the five most amazing tales of island endemics, the five most bizarre cases of a bird's becoming threatened, and other astonishing tales of bird life.

ISBN: 9780262015172

Publisher: MIT Press

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Count: 240

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