Bald Eagles in Alaska

by Bruce A. Wright and Phil Schempf
Bald Eagles in Alaska

Bald Eagles in Alaska

by Bruce A. Wright and Phil Schempf

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An expansive collection of papers and articles from internationally recognized bald eagle experts. Presented is a complete portrait of the status and ecology of the bald eagle in Alaska. Black and white photographs throughout.

The book is a collection of papers by several different authors and is aimed at a wide audience, including eagle enthusiasts, birders, students, Alaska travelers and wildlife professionals.

The historic information on the plight of the bald eagle, both in Alaska (and Yukon) as well as in continental US is discussed in several of the papers including "A Review of the Natural History of Reestablished Population of Breeding Bald Eagles in New York" which not only brings an entirely new meaning to the word "quot;hacking "quot; but also shows the lengths to which the researchers had to go to get information and observations from nest towers prior to the use of our live streaming video cameras.

Fascinating information on how the bald eagle was devastated by having a bounty placed on it - including insights into why and who did this in the Alaska legislature and how the law was finally trumped by the US federal government.

Another of the collected papers that has more than current applicability is the one that deals with the Exxon Valdez oil spill and its effects on the eagle population (Bald Eagle Productivity in Southcentral Alaska in 1989 and 1990 after the Exon Valdez Oil Spill - page 168) This paper outlines some of the effects and speculations on why some areas had high mortality and some low. In addition it gives some excellent insight into the methods they used in collection of their data from sources and at times that were in effect ad hoc, due to coming from those who were cleaning up after the spill rather than specific observations made by scientists themselves.

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