The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation

by Lebbin, Daniel J.; Parr, Michael J.; Fenwick, George H.
The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation

The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation

by Lebbin, Daniel J.; Parr, Michael J.; Fenwick, George H.

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Release Date: 1/1/2010

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Whether we live in cities, in the suburbs, or in the country, birds are ubiquitous features of daily life, so much so that we often take them for granted. But even the casual observer is aware that birds don’t fill our skies in the number they once did. That awareness has spawned conservation action that has led to notable successes, including the recovery of some of the nation’s most emblematic species, such as the Bald Eagle, Brown Pelican, Whooping Crane, and Peregrine Falcon. Despite this, a third of all American bird species are in trouble - in many cases, they’re in imminent danger of extinction. The most authoritative account ever published of the threats these species face, The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation will be the definitive book on the subject.

The Guide presents for the first time anywhere a classification system and threat analysis for bird habitats in the United States, the most thorough and scientifically credible assessment of threats to birds published to date, as well as a new list of birds of conservation concern. Filled with beautiful color illustrations and original range maps, the Guide is a timely, important, and inspiring reference for birders and anyone else interested in conserving North America’s avian fauna. But this book is far more than another shout of crisis. The Guide also lays out a concrete and achievable plan of long-term action to safeguard our country’s rich bird life. Ultimately, it is an argument for hope. Whether you spend your early weekend mornings crouched in silence with binoculars in hand, hoping to check another species off your list, or you’ve never given much thought to bird conservation, you’ll appreciate the visual power and intellectual scope of these pages.


Chapter 1 features species accounts for 212 U.S. (about 10% are from Hawaii) birds of conservation concern with a color illustration and range map for each species. Critical habitats are described and illustrated in Chapter 2 followed by a review of the many specific threats facing birds from habitat loss to marine debris. The focus then shifts to international bird conservation south of the border. Concluding with a chapter on conservation strategies, the reader is provided with a number of conservation choices and actions that can be taken to safeguard birds and the world we share. Profusely illustrated throughout. Informative and highly recommended.


Foreword - George Fenwick
About this book

Bird Conservation Basics
Conservation History

SPECIES (212 WatchList species accounts with a color distribution map and color illustration of each species.)


HABITATS (Each habitat starts with a color painting of the habitat, and the birds found there, plus maps and photos)
Arctic Tundra
Northern Forests
Western Forests
Eastern Forests
Southern Forests
Grasslands & Prairies
SC Arid Lands
SW Arid Lands
Marine (Beaches, Coasts & Marine)
Human Landscape

ISSUES (threats)

Drivers of Habitat Loss
Invasive & Over-abundant Species
Climate Change


Neotropical Species
Neotropical Habitats
Social Issues
Drivers of Habitat Loss
Habitat Protection
Issues (threats)

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Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Count: 446

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