Owls of Europe / Europas Ugglor [CD]

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Owls of Europe / Europas Ugglor [CD]

Owls of Europe / Europas Ugglor [CD]

Format: CD

Release Date: 1/1/2008

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77 voices of all 13 European owl species, between 2 and 9 different voices per species. Not only territorials calls of males but even contacting calls, voices of females and owlets. The booklet lists the details of each track, and some information about activity and kinds of sounds the mating males make, which can help in their identification, accompanied by a waveform showing deviations of sound amplitude in real time. Booklet text in Swedish and English. CD, about 68 minutes.

Publisher: Oriolus Forlag/Oriolus Publishing House, Uppsala

Year of Publication: 2008

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