The Good Bird Guide: A Species-by-Species Guide to Finding Europe's Best Birds

by Marsh, Keith
The Good Bird Guide: A Species-by-Species Guide to Finding Europe's Best Birds

The Good Bird Guide: A Species-by-Species Guide to Finding Europe's Best Birds

by Marsh, Keith

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
This book is a birdfinding guide to Britain and Europe's most coveted species. It takes each individual species as a starting point, and picks out the best places to see that species. In this way, a birder can efficiently target those particular species that he wishes to see, making the guide especially useful to those who travel frequently.

Each of the 500 species accounts has information on distribution, habitats and movements, some hints and tips on finding and getting close to the species, and a list of sites in all appropriate countries where that species can reliably be found. The species accounts are followed by a comprehensive, country-by-country gazetteer of the sites covered, with site descriptions and location maps.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (expand / hide)

List of Species Covered p. 5
Acknowledgements p. 10
Introduction p. 11
How to Use This Book p. 13
Species accounts p. 13
Site accounts p. 13
Abbreviations p. 15
Species Accounts p. 16
Sites by Country/Region p. 382
Albania p. 382
Algeria p. 383
Andorra p. 384
Armenia p. 384
Austria p. 387
Azerbaijan p. 390
Azores p. 392
Balearic Islands p. 393
Bay of Biscay p. 395
Belarus p. 396
Belgium p. 397
Bosnia-Herzegovina p. 399
Bulgaria p. 400
Canary Islands p. 407
Cape Verde Islands p. 410
Corsica p. 411
Croatia p. 413
Cyprus p. 415
Czech Republic p. 417
Denmark p. 421
Egypt p. 425
Estonia p. 430
Faroe Islands p. 431
Finland p. 432
France p. 438
Georgia p. 449
Germany p. 451
Gibraltar p. 455
Great Britain p. 456
Greece p. 470
Greek Islands p. 477
Hungary p. 480
Iceland p. 486
Ireland p. 490
Israel p. 494
Italy p. 502
Jordan p. 507
Latvia p. 510
Lebanon p. 512
Lithuania p. 513
Macedonia p. 515
Madeira p. 517
Malta p. 518
Moldova p. 519
Morocco p. 520
Netherlands p. 525
Norway p. 528
Poland p. 532
Portugal p. 537
Romania p. 543
Russia p. 546
Sardinia p. 548
Sicily p. 551
Slovakia p. 552
Slovenia p. 556
Spain p. 557
Svalbard (Spitsbergen) p. 566
Sweden p. 567
Switzerland p. 576
Syria p. 579
Tunisia p. 582
Turkey p. 585
Ukraine p. 596
Yugoslavia (Serbia) p. 598
Bibliography p. 600
Index of Scientific Names p. 602
Index of Sites p. 604
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Publisher: Christopher Helm

Year of Publication: 2005

Page Count: 608

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