Voices of Hawaii's Birds (2 CDs)

by PRATT, H. Douglas
Voices of Hawaii's Birds (2 CDs)

Voices of Hawaii's Birds (2 CDs)

by PRATT, H. Douglas

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Audio companion to the HAS book Hawaii's Birds, this set includes all of the native and introduced birds that are regularly heard in Hawaii today, plus the haunting voices of several species recorded shortly before they went extinct, such as the 'O'u, Kaua'i 'O'o, and Kama'o. It includes 183 separate recordings of over 130 species of seabirds, wetland birds, open country birds, and native and introduced forest birds, including all the birds one is likely to hear around Hawai'i's resorts. The recordings of endemic forest birds are particularly comprehensive, giving a full range of vocal variation. Includes a 28 page booklet. 2 CDs.

ISBN: 9780938027751

Publisher: Hawaii Audubon Society; Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Year of Publication: 2009

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