Birds of Lane County, Oregon

Birds of Lane County, Oregon

Birds of Lane County, Oregon


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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
The first half of this book describes the one hundred best birding sites in the county, with detailed information on what may be found, and where and when to seek particular birds. All sites are publicly accessible with clear, easy-to-follow directions and maps, and many of the sites are at least partly wheelchair accessible. The second half provides species accounts with basic information about the status, distribution, abundance, and movements of each species known to have occurred in Lane County. Also includes migrant arrival and departure tables, seasonal charts, a gazetteer, contact information for local birding and natural history organizations, and a species checklist. B&W photographs, maps, line drawings, index.

ISBN: 9780870711800

Publisher: Oregon State University Press

Year of Publication: 2006

Page Count: 368

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