The Peregrine

by Baker, J.A.
The Peregrine

The Peregrine

by Baker, J.A.

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Release Date: 1/1/2005

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A Paperback reprint of the classic book published in 1967, of the author's year studying and tracking a pair of peregrines.

With no prior knowledge of birds, the author is seized with an unexplained longing to track the peregrine falcons that hunt in the river valley behind his home each winter. Though his subjects are far more elusive than the pigeons and gulls on which they prey, on rare occasions he sees a peregrine roosting or bathing, or spots a fresh kill in the grass. He outlines their strict hunting ethos: take other birds only in flight, and spare only the leg and back meat for scavengers. As winter approaches, he resolves to shun the world of men in fierce pursuit of the falcon's inner life. As the landscape thaws, Baker shares the hawk's absolute terror in the face of the stumbling, erratic human beings encroaching on its territory. Veering swiftly from the mundane to the miraculous, Baker's self-effacing diary of a long winter in the wild is a triumph of pure and immediate description.

ISBN: 9781590171332

Publisher: New York Review Books Classics

Year of Publication: 2005

Page Count: 191

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