Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guides: Australia: An Ecotraveler's Guide

by Robinson, Hannah
Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guides: Australia: An Ecotraveler's Guide

Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guides: Australia: An Ecotraveler's Guide

by Robinson, Hannah

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Release Date: 1/1/2004

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This guide offers information on both identification and where to find the birds
Over 400 color photos, maps. This series of Paperback books provides the only single-volume overview of the geography, habitats and wildlife of each region, with color illustrations of the common species, plus history, geography, climate, where to go, and what to see.

Australia is the only country in the world where every major stage in the earth's evolution can be witnessed alive, through “living fossils.” You step through time by experiencing Australia's stunning arid lands, tropical rainforests, palm grottoes, Antarctic heathlands, island havens, and marine sanctuaries.

But Australia doesn't stop there: the wildlife is brimming with cooperative and unusual ways to survive an unrelenting environment where rain comes about one per decade. Check out the Thorny Devil, a reptile that slurps dew from its feet into the corners of its mouth through a surface-network of microscopic aqueducts. Or the large number of Australian bird species whose older siblings put off breeding to raise and feed their new brothers and sisters, while their parents have time to teach them long-term survival skills for the lean years. Or the ant-plants in tropical Queensland that have become entirely dependent between insect and plant for an exchange of nutrients. Or the beautiful flowering Banksia that “spike” their nectar with essential amino-acids so their pollinating Honeyeaters don't need to waste time hunting high-protein food elsewhere.

This book shows ecotravelers what to look for and why, plus how to get the best experience at each destination. From the Great Barrier Reef to Queensland Wet Tropics, Ayers Rock to Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Hannah Robinson helps you find human-sized birds, understand the local geology, and much more.

Travel destinations include many World Heritage sites of universal value due to their biological diversity, exceptional natural beauty, outstanding examples of earth history, or significant ongoing ecosystems. Resources included in the book will help you make the most of any visit: list of wildlife guides, safaris, nocturnal expeditions, and dive companies; descriptions of hikes from a half-hour to nine days in length, plus rafting trips, 4WD spots, and more; wilderness lodges, cabins, and starlit accommodations information.

This is the definitive ecotravel guide to Australia.

Chapters included:

  • Sydney (including Blue Mountains)
  • Lord Howe Island
  • Fraser Island
  • Queensland Wet Tropics
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Red Center (including Ayers Rock)
  • Top End (including Kakadu and Katherine)
  • West Australia (including wildflowers, Shark Bay, Ningaloo Reef)
  • Tasmania
  • Resource listing

Hannah Robinson has been a nature-watcher all her life, starting out as a volunteer inspector for the International Bee Research Association. She has been a volunteer hike leader with the National Parks Service since 1996. Robinson spent fourteen years as a communications executive at Harcourt Brace, Addison Wesley, and other publishing companies before leaving to spend more time doing what she loves. You can now find her either in the wilderness of a jungle, or in the wilds of a chemistry classroom where she teaches high school. She has a degree in biochemistry and physiology.

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Year of Publication: 2004

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