Birder's Mexico

by Wauer, Roland H.

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Birder's Mexico

Birder's Mexico

by Wauer, Roland H.

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations

Very good paperback, light shelf wear. Mexico is a biological paradise, possessing the greatest natural diversity in North America. With only one-fourth the land area of the United States, it possesses as many plant species and many more kinds of animals than its northern neighbor. Yet the favored tourist attractions of Mexico are the cities, beaches, and archaeological sites.

Since 1966 Roland Wauer has made annual trips to see his own favorite attractions in Mexico: native birds and their remote habitats. From his adventures he has written an indispensable companion for anyone visiting Mexico with an interest in birding and the country's spectacular natural environment. He introduces us to Mexico's unsung diversity, from its arid lowlands and coastal islands to the forested uplands and humid jungles, once home of the ancient Mayans.

Originally published under the title Naturalist's Mexico, this handy guide features a new and updated introduction. Its thirty-nine black & white photographs provide further reason to explore the flor and fauna that thrive off the beaten path.

Natural Environment Series No 12, 2001. B&W photos, maps.

ISBN: 0890969183

Publisher: Texas A & M University Press

Year of Publication: 1999

Page Count: 304

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