Captive Raptor Management & Rehabilitation

by Naisbitt, Richard; Holz, Peter
Captive Raptor Management & Rehabilitation

Captive Raptor Management & Rehabilitation

by Naisbitt, Richard; Holz, Peter

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Release Date: 1/1/2004

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Care and rehab of injured or starving raptors, generously illustrated with over 100 color photos. This book covers every aspect of the care and rehabilitation of injured or starving raptors, from the initial assessment of the bird's conditioning, training and release. P>Captive Raptor Management & Rehabilitation is an international perspective by the worlds leading rehabilitators, zoo curators and falconers on how to hold, medicate, train for hunting and condition for release, the world's raptors. P>An indispensable reference for every rehabilitator, falconer, zoo keeper, or aviculturist working with hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, or owls. Combines the authors' years of experience with the latest scientific data worldwide. P>This title is generously illustrated throughout with 85 detailed line drawings, and includes over 100 color photos in a 16-page photo section covering such topics as molting and imping, hooded birds, raptor habitat and nesting, flight pens, care of feet and talons, perches and veterinary insights.Over 600 color photos.

ISBN: 088839490x

Publisher: Hancock House Publishers

Year of Publication: 2004

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