Waterfowl: Care, Breeding and Conservation

by Tarsnane, Simon
Waterfowl: Care, Breeding and Conservation

Waterfowl: Care, Breeding and Conservation

by Tarsnane, Simon

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Care, Breeding & Conservation Techniques for Various Waterfowl. Simon Tarsnane has crated the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the propagation and preservation of waterfowl. A practical working handbook for both the beginner and the advanced aviculturist, Tarsnane draws on more than twenty years of experience to offer concise and informative data about all the waterfowl of the world. Describing modern management and breeding techniques, the book also surveys aspects of the natural history, ecology and conservation of several species. This impressive treatise is filled with spectacular color photos, often of rarely seen waterfowl. If you are just interested in finding out more about the common city park mallard or need to know the specifics about the nesting requirements of a Burmese Spotbill - This book is for you! Photographs by Frank Todd.

ISBN: 0888393911

Publisher: Hancock House Publishers

Year of Publication: 1996

Page Count: 277

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