The Complete Falconer [The Compleat Falconer]

by Beebe, Frank L.
The Complete Falconer [The Compleat Falconer]

The Complete Falconer [The Compleat Falconer]

by Beebe, Frank L.

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The father of wildlife management, Aldo Leopold, called falconry the ideal hobby. Frank L. Beebe, having started working with falcons in his youth, has become the quintessential falconer. Further, he has turned the hobby into a philosophy and a way of life. Over is forty years of experience, he ahs written several books and innumerable articles - whish are largely responsible for the current high esteem in which the noble art of falconry is held today. This is a new, updated version, a veritable how-to, of Mr. Beebe's lifetime experience. Included are plates of 32 original paintings and more than 100 illustrations and drawings.

ISBN: 0888392532

Publisher: Hancock House Publishers

Year of Publication: 1982

Page Count: 334

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