Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic

by Watson, George E.
Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic

Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic

by Watson, George E.

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Good hardcover.This handbook in the Antarctic Research Series provides identification information and illustrations for the birds of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic and synopses of their biology and distribution.

The area covered in the handbook includes all waters, lands, and islands south of 55 degrees South latitude, roughly corresponding to the line of the Antactic convergence, plus the cold sub-Antarctic islands near the convergence and the temperate sub-Antarctic islands of the central Atlantic and Indian oceans.

All species that have been recorded within this area are included. Those that are regular residents are treated in detail, but even the vagrant records are fully documented. Color plates, black & white illustrations, maps.

ISBN: 0875901247

Publisher: American Geophysical Union

Year of Publication: 1975

Page Count: 350

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