The Birds of Kaua'i

by Denny, Jim
The Birds of Kaua'i

The Birds of Kaua'i

by Denny, Jim

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
The Birds of Kaua'i is a handy booklet with color photos and individual species accounts.

Written in an appealing, informal style, The Birds of Kaua'i offers readers an enjoyable look at the avifauna of Hawai'i's oldest island. Two of the most important and impressive sites for birdwatching in the State are located on Kaua'i: Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge and Alaka'i Wilderness Preserve. Kilauea, on the island's windward shore, boasts substantial populations of seabirds, which can be viewed up close; Alaka'i is the most pristine native rain forest in the Islands and until two short decades ago its valleys still echoed with the songs of every native bird historically known to reside there. Today many species continue to thrive in the lush ancient forest.

Superbly illustrated with more than 80 color photographs, The Birds of Kaua`i covers every avian species that can be seen on the Garden Island. The author's knowledge and enthusiasm are evident on each page as he describes native forest birds, seabirds, alien birds, and migratory visitors. One of world's rarest birds is the Kaua'i 'O'o, the victim of predation and extensive changes to its environment. These and other threats to the Island's fragile bird populations are discussed.

About the Author:
Jim Denny received bachelor degrees from Louisiana Tech and the University of Hawai'i. His photographs have been exhibited at the Bishop Museum and Kauai's Koke'e Natural History Museum and have appeared on Discovery Channel On-Line and in Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic. Denny frequently lectures in Hawai'i's schools and to visiting tour groups about Kaua'i's precious birds. He is a medical technologist at Kaua'i Veterans Memorial Hospital.

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Year of Publication: 1999

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