Bird Island in Antarctic Waters

by Parmelee, David Freeland

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Bird Island in Antarctic Waters

Bird Island in Antarctic Waters

by Parmelee, David Freeland

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The Adventures of an Artist/Ornithologist on a Lonely Outcrop in the Far South Atlantic. Very Good hardcover in dust jacket.

Few maps show the location of Bird Island - a lonely outcrop in the South Georgia group where Antarctic waters push against the Atlantic east of Cape Horn. Its forbidding flankes invite few human visitors. But for those who reach its shores there are rich rewards. Ornithologist David Parmelee was one of the fortunate. Nowhere in the bird world had he seen anything to match the incredible numbers and unusual gathering of birds on this teeming speck of land. A quarter million penguins on Macaroni Point, the enormous wandering albatross, petrels, skuas, pintails, pipits, and shags, as well as nearly 80,000 ferocious fur seals, all inhabit Bird Island.

Professor Parmelee spent six weeks on the island as the guest of a British scientific survey team. His story combines careful field observation with the excitement of exploration. Illustrated with the author's drawings, paintings, and photographs in color and black & white, which capture the wildlife and scenery of a fascinating part of the world.

ISBN: 0816609373

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Year of Publication: 1980

Page Count: 140

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