Bird Migration : An Illustrated Account

by Burton, Robert
Bird Migration : An Illustrated Account

Bird Migration : An Illustrated Account

by Burton, Robert

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The migration of birds is one of the most amazing and through-provoking of all natural phenomena. In this superbly illustrated book, eniment naturalist Robert Burton provides an informative and entertaining survey of this fascinating subject. Writing in a clear, concise style, Burton skillfully blends results from the latest research with historical records and personal observations. Bird Migration begins by addressing the question of why birds bother to migrate at all, and then describes some of the methods used to study bird migration including the latest high-tech devices such as radio-tagging. The book then explores navigation, fuel economy, hazards and delays, life in the wintering areas, and the birds' race back to the breeding grounds in the spring. Burton describes migration as an integral part of the life cycles of many birds, and as a strategy for survival and improving the chances of successful breeding. Illustrated with full color photos by some of the world's finest bird photographers, maps, charts, graphs, and drawings.

ISBN: 9780816027811

Publisher: Facts on File Inc.

Year of Publication: 1992

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