Companion Bird Medicine

by Burr, Elisha W.

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Companion Bird Medicine

Companion Bird Medicine

by Burr, Elisha W.

Format: Hardcover

Release Date: 1/1/1994

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A comprehensive volume, authored by multiple experts in the field. Chapters: 1. Companion Bird Species, Caging, Breeding; 2. Cage Bird Management; 3. Diseases of the Avian Integument; 4. Nutritional Disorders, Digestive and Urogenital Diseases; 5. Microbiology; 6. Parasitology; 7. Avian Surgery; 8. Laboratory Techniques, Antibiotic Therapy; 9. Preventive Medicine, Health Hazards, Miscellaneous Conditions.

ISBN: 0813803624

Publisher: Iowa State Press

Year of Publication: 1994

Page Count: 247

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