Wildfowl of the World

by Soothill, Eric; Whitehead, Peter
Wildfowl of the World

Wildfowl of the World

by Soothill, Eric; Whitehead, Peter

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Here, for the first time, are nearly all the known species of wildfowl illustrated in full color, in a book which is the combination of an expert text and outstanding photographs. The 128 color plates are by some of the world's leading bird and wildlife photographers, including work by the authors. The plates are enhanced by the inclusion of distribution maps and the informative line illustrations by Joe Blossom, Education Officer of the Wildfowl Trust, give distinctive details of each species. In addition, there are details of where to see wildfowl, both in the wild and on reserves, in most parts of the world. The Foreword has been specially written by Robert Arbib, Editor of theNational Audubon Society's American Birds.

ISBN: 0713721103

Publisher: Blandford Press

Year of Publication: 1989

Page Count: 297

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