Birds in Brazil: A Natural History

by Sick, Helmut

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Birds in Brazil: A Natural History

Birds in Brazil: A Natural History

by Sick, Helmut

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Release Date: 1/1/1993

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Here is a substantially revised and updated English-language version of Ornitologia Brasilieira, the first comprehensive, scientific treatment of Brazil's 1,635 bird species. Written by the late dean of Brazilian ornithologists, it contains the accumulated findings of a man who dedicated fifty-two years to the study of Brazilian birds.

This book is unique because, in addition to listing every individual Brazilian species and providing detailed accounts for most of them, it gives extensive treatment to the characteristics of each bird family found in the country. In addition, it analyzes the composition of Brazil's avifauna and relates it to the country's geography. A special chapter on biogeography and speciation was written by Jurgen Haffer, while Herculano Alvarenga contributed an account of Brazilian fossil birds. Another feature is the abundant information on bird vocalization.

Translated from the Portuguese by William BELTON with illustrations by Paul BARRUEL and John P. O'NEILL. 48 color illus., line illus., halftones, maps.

ISBN: 0691085692

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Year of Publication: 1993

Page Count: 932

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