The Birds of the Southern Mozambique

by Clancey, Phillip A.

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The Birds of the Southern Mozambique

The Birds of the Southern Mozambique

by Clancey, Phillip A.

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
More an avifauna than a field guide, this book provides a complete systematic list with distribution (with maps), range and habitat preferences for all recorded species. In addition, there are new illustrations of species, a gazetteer of place names, and indices of generic and specific names. Illustrated with 49 color plates of individual species by the author, range maps and six black & white photographic plates of habitats.

New revised and updated edition of A Handlist of the Birds of Southern Mozambique, first published in 1970-71. Includes a gazetteer of major Mozambique place names mentioned in the text, an index of generic and specific names used, and space for notes. The introduction includes a historical perspective on Mozambique, topographical feaures and precipitation, environmental and botanical considerations, some zoogeographical and evolutionary aspects, and a list of major distribution literature on the birds of Southern Mozambique from 1900 to 1970.

ISBN: 0620199180

Publisher: African Bird Book Publishing

Year of Publication: 1996

Page Count: 312

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