The Wood Warblers: An Introductory Guide [HC]

by Schorre, Barth
The Wood Warblers: An Introductory Guide [HC]

The Wood Warblers: An Introductory Guide [HC]

by Schorre, Barth

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Wood warbler migrations every spring and fall are one of the most anticipated highlights of the North American birder's year. The warblers' frequently colorful appearance and distinctive songs make them especially attractive birds to observe, but their quick, darting movements, often among the highest branches of the trees, can make it difficult to tell one species from another.

This book is a handy beginner's pictorial guide to the identification of forty-nine wood warbler species that commonly nest in the United States and Canada. Barth Schorre's outstanding color photographs help you distinguish each species. (Both males and females are usually shown when they differ significantly in appearance.) An accompanying description gives each species' common and Latin names, average length, general range, relative abundance, and identifying characteristics. Schorre also briefly discusses the life history and migratory patterns of warblers, the diminishing numbers of some species, and ways to attract warblers to your yard. Color photos by the author.

ISBN: 0292777299

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Year of Publication: 1998

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