Kukila. Bulletin of the Indonesian Ornithological Society: Volume 11

by Kukila; Indonesian Ornithological Society
Kukila. Bulletin of the Indonesian Ornithological Society: Volume 11

Kukila. Bulletin of the Indonesian Ornithological Society: Volume 11

by Kukila; Indonesian Ornithological Society

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Published November, 2000. Table of Contents:

Editorial p. 1
Kukila. The Birds of Indonesia, Kukila Checklist No. 1 Additions, Corrections and Notes-2p. p. p. 3
Gönner C. Birds of Lake Jempang and the Middle Mahakam Wetlands, East Kalimantan p. 13
Gönner C. Some Observations from PT Limbang Ganeca Forest Concession p. 37
Davison, G.W.H. Avifaunal affinities of some islands in the Java Sea p. 47
Ekstrom, J.M.M. & I. Isherwood. New and noteworthy bird records from the island of Seram, Maluku. p. 51
Bororing, R. F., I. Hunowu, Y. Hunowu,. E. Maneasa, J. Mole, M. H. Nusawalo, F. S. Talanhamin and M. F. Wangko. Birds of the Manembonembo Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi. p. p. 58
Kemp, N. The Birds of Siberut, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. p. 73
Grantham, M. Birds of Alas Purwo National Park, East Java. p. 97
Collar, N. J., J. P.W. Scharlemann and C. T. Fisher. Max Bartels and the Javan Lapwing Vanellus macropterus p. 122
Short Communications p.
Crossland, A. Pomarine Skuas in the Straits of Malacca p. 125
Shepherd, C.R. A sommunal roost of Hill Mynas in North Sumatra p. 125
Grantham, M. & N. Kemp. First record of Grey-tailed Tattler in Sumatra p. 127
Rusila Noor, Y and F. Hasudungan. Observation of Black-headed Ibis breeding again on Pulau Dua, Banten Bay, West Java p. 128
Grantham, M. Lesser Adjutant breeding in Alas Purwo National Park, East Java p. 129
Grantham, M. A note on the passage of variegatus and phaeopus type Whimbrels through Alas Purwo National Park, East Java p. 133
Mason, V. Note on the occurrence of Little Cormorant at Nusa Dua, Bali p. 135
Myers, E.T. A record of Black-headed Gull in Bali. p. 137
Grantham, M. Record of Hardhead (White-Eyed Duck) from Lombok p. 137
Grantham, M. Matsudaira’s storm-petrel – second record for the Lombok Straits p. 138
Grantham, M. New and interesetings records from West Sumbawa p. 139
Lesmana D., R. Drijvers & C. Trainor. Twentieth century records of the Rose-crowned Fruit-dove on Flores. p. 141
Drijvers R., C. Trainor & D. Lesmana. Breeding record from Flores p. 143
Grantham, M. Australian Pelican in East Timor – an armchair record p. 144
Balen S.v & S. Hedges. First sighting of Oriental Plover on mainland Kalimantan p. 145
Balen S. v. A record of Long-tailed Broadbill from Kalimantan p. 146
Wardill J.C. & J. Riley. Lanceolated Warbler records from Sangihe Island, North Sulawesi p. 148
Wardill J.C., T. Nando & F.P. Amama. A passage of Streaked Shearwaters past the Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi. p. 149
Wardill J.C. & T. Nando. Concentrations of wintering Streaked Shearwaters off the northern coast of West Papua p. 151
Bostok, N. Australian Avocet in Irian Jaya p. 152
Reviews p. 153
Summary of recent literature p. 161
Announcements p. 169
Comment: Whimbrels to watch p. 170
Hans Bartels (1906-1997) p. 174
Father Jilis A. J. Verheijen (1908-1997) p. 179
Chuck Darsono (1930-1999) p. 182

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Publisher: Indonesian Ornithological Society

Year of Publication: 2000

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