A Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging

by Kenward, Robert F.
A Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging

A Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging

by Kenward, Robert F.

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Full and comprehensive coverage is given to the new technologies, such as data acquisition by satellites, programmable tags, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, digital maps, and other software. Particular attention is paid to new principles, tag attachment techniques, and data analyses, with a full discussion of the planning and data gathering processes that are needed to obtain robust results. The number of illustrations has doubled, to 110, and the number of sources quoted has tripled, to more than 650.\r\n

Starting with a consideration of how the strengths and weaknesses of radio tagging compare with other marking techniques, the book is full of advice for beginners and experts alike and is of immense value to those who may think of supervising projects that include radio tagging.\r\n

The easy style provides comprehensive information on how to choose tags and receiving equipment, including automated systems for locations or telemetry data, and on how to work with manufacturers to obtain and use equipment effectively.

ISBN: 0124042422

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2000

Page Count: 311

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