Bird Songs and Calls of Lake Tahoe [CD]

by Moore, John V.
Bird Songs and Calls of Lake Tahoe [CD]

Bird Songs and Calls of Lake Tahoe [CD]

by Moore, John V.

Format: CD

Release Date: 12/2/2015

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This is an updated version of the cassette originally published in 1995, with 5 new species and over 30 new recordings. 50 species in all. The vocalizations featured are ones a birder can reasonably expect to hear while visiting Lake Tahoe’s upper elevation forests and clearings. Lake Tahoe borders California and Nevada. The vocalizations presented here are mainly from the Mixed Conifer zone and above. This CD therefore excludes a few of the songsters of the Lake Tahoe Basin that one might hear at lakeside, in town, or on the drier east slope.

PLEASE NOTE: Please exercise extreme restraint in using these recordings to attract birds, especially in regularly birded areas. Repeated playback of a species’ vocalization interrupts the normal activity patterns of many birds and may cause them undue stress.

Publisher: John V. Moore

Year of Publication: 2015

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