Ever Thought About Owning a Bookstore?

Ever Thought About Owning a Bookstore?

Buteo Books was founded in 1971 with a paper list of some 50 bird books for sale.  Over 50 years later, Buteo Books is still a thriving online business, offering the largest selection of new, used, and rare ornithology books in the world; over 6,000 new, used, rare and antiquarian titles in ornithology and natural history books. 

Owning this bookstore has given us a richly satisfying life, but life is now steering us in a completely different direction, which means that Buteo Books is available for sale!

Over the years, Buteo Books has met the challenges of big box stores, the internet, Amazon and e-readers. Through it all, the store has not only adapted but flourished through its unique blend of high-tech and old-fashioned customer service, never wavering from its focus on books, nature, and a love of the community.  We have forged partnerships with like-minded and far-reaching organizations such as the American Birding Association, which added thousands of new customers to our loyal and constantly growing customer base. We have cultivated international suppliers in order to carry items that can’t be found anywhere else, including Amazon. 

Our specialty is birdwatching, ornithology, and natural history, and with the surge in interest in birdwatching and online ordering during the pandemic, Buteo Books saw an increase in sales. This focused specialty has allowed Buteo Books to remain strong over the past two decades, when the environment for booksellers has become increasingly challenging.  The business is healthy, strong, and profitable, and just needs a new owner with an appreciation for community and the entrepreneurial spirit needed to run an independent bookstore with a long and rich history that is prestigious, independent and beloved.

Interested parties will be asked to sign and return a Confidentiality Agreement, and will then be provided with a comprehensive professional business valua­tion, along with any supporting documentation requested.

For more information, please contact Jamie Hale

 At customerservice@buteobooks.com or call 434-263-8671