Item #BBMT Birds of Montana. Jeffrey S. Marks, Paul Hendricks, Daniel Casey, Montana Audubon.
Birds of Montana
Birds of Montana
Birds of Montana
Birds of Montana

Birds of Montana

Publisher: Buteo Books, 2016.
Illustrated By: Albert Earl Gilbert and Shawneen E. Finnegan.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New / New.
Pages: 672

Accounts for each of the 433 species of birds documented in Montana between statehood in 1889 and January 1, 2016.

Birds of Montana is the first comprehensive reference on the state's birds since Saunders published A Distributional List of the Birds of Montana in 1921, and it is the only work that provides a thorough review of the status, distribution, relative abundance, ecology, and conservation of the 433 bird species that have been found in the state since Montana entered the Union in 1889.

Introductory chapters describe Montana's geography, topography, and habitat types; thoroughly review the vast historical literature on the state's birds beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark; and summarize conservation issues and actions that will affect the health of bird populations for decades to come. Detailed species accounts provide a range map for selected species and summarize information under the subheadings Status and Occurrence, Habitat, Conservation, Historical Notes, Contemporary Work, and Banded Birds.

A modern account of the status, biology, and conservation of Montana's birds is long overdue. Birds of Montana fills that need and will be a valuable reference that will increase the public's knowledge of the state's birds, enhance awareness of conservation issues affecting birds and their habitats, and establish a benchmark against which changes in Montana's bird populations can be measured in the future.

155 color range maps, 73 original illustrations of individual species, and 16 full-color habitat photos. Illustrations by Albert Earl Gilbert and Shawneen E. Finnegan.

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ISBN: 9780931130199

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