Item #15354 Listen to the Birds. Yoann Gueny, Donald Kroodsma.
Listen to the Birds

Listen to the Birds

Publisher: Norton Young Readers, 2023.
Illustrated By: Léna Mazilu.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New.
Pages: 64

Take a dawn walk through the pages of Listen to the Birds and discover forty species of
North American birds, guided by expertly informed text and gorgeous illustrations.
Then, hold a phone with the paired app up to the art and watch—and listen—as the
birds spring to life and sing.
From the woods of the East to the deserts and plains of the West, and common species
such as cardinals and robins to lesser-known birds such as the Western Wood-Pewee
and the Black-Headed Grosbeak, ornithologist Donald Kroodsma showcases his
unparalleled knowledge of each bird’s songs and calls, behavior, and habitat. With Léna
Mazilu’s gorgeous artwork and the free, easy-to-use supplementary Birdie Memory
mobile app, Listen to the Birds is a unique way for birders of all ages to experience the
magic and delight of birdsong together with the incomparable knowledge of one of the
world’s leading ornithologists.

Incomparable authority: Kroodsma is one of the world's leading ornithologists and experts on the science of birdsong.
Interactive learning: The accompanying mobile app provides an immersive and inviting look at birds.
Accessible science writing: The fascinating science is broken down in kid-friendly terms with cheerful illustration.
Discover North America's birds and their varied and beautiful songs with thisinformative, brightly illustrated picture book and its easy-to-use app.

Item #15354
ISBN: 9781324031031

Price: $19.95