Item #15334 Birds of Southern Africa. 5th Revised Edition. Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, Warwick Tarboton.

Birds of Southern Africa. 5th Revised Edition

Publisher: Princeton University Press, 2023.
Guide Type: Field Guide
Binding: Paperback.
Condition: New.
Pages: 488

Now in its fifth edition, Birds of Southern Africa has been brought fully up to date by its expert authors and greatly enhanced with a wide range of new information and features. Providing comprehensive coverage of the bird life of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and southern Mozambique, this comprehensive, best-selling guide is sure to maintain its place as one of Africa’s most trusted field guides.

Key features of the fifth edition: More than 800 new illustrations, including all-new plates for raptors and seabirds, Scan and play bird calls using free downloadable app, Fully revised text (with latest species records), maps and plate annotations, Redesigned plates noting identification features, Calendar bars depicting species' occurrence and breeding periods, Fully updated species accounts and distribution maps, Fresh contributions from new authors and illustrators, Alphabetical and illustrated quick references to bird groups, Comprehensive coverage of the region’s birds, including the latest species records.

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ISBN: 9780691248493

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