Item #15208H The Great Eagles: Evolution, Ecology and Conservation [Hardcover]. Michael O'Neal Campbell.

The Great Eagles: Evolution, Ecology and Conservation [Hardcover]

Publisher: CRC Press, 2022.
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Pages: 670

This book presents an integrated perspective (paleontological, historical, physiological, ecological, conservationist and human cultural) of eagles, including fish eagles, harpy eagles, snake eagles and booted eagles. Topics examined include 21st century issues in relation to older published themes; species classifications based on physical methods and DNA analyses; species comparisons involving evolution, definitions, classification, and ecology; and recent advances in adaptive management and other policy actions relevant to bird conservation.

Table of Contents: Eagle Beginnings. Raptor biology. Differentiating eagles. Eagle evolution. Eagle differences.
Eagle Species List. Booted Eagles. Sea or Fish Eagles. Serpent Eagles. Harpy Eagles.
Eagle Ecology. Eagles and Prey. Eagles and Competitors. Eagles and Habitats. Eagle Migration.
Eagles and People. Eagles in Prehistoric and Historic Culture. Eagles in Modern Culture. Eagles and Policy. Eagles in the Future.

Item #15208H
ISBN: 9781138197435

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