Item #15158 Bird Families of North America. Pete Dunne, Kevin T. Karlson.

Bird Families of North America

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, 2021.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New / New.
Pages: 288

Focusing on families and their shared traits makes bird identification easier than ever.

This guide takes readers beyond merely identifying birds to understanding them. Many birders can tell the difference between a White-eyed and Bell’s Vireo but cannot begin to describe a vireo and what distinguishes members of this family from warblers or flycatchers. The 'species by species' approach makes it difficult to appreciate birds for what they are: members of well-organized groupings united by common traits. Putting the focus on families, and their shared characteristics, makes bird identification easier and more meaningful. More than 150 color photos illustrate the 81 bird families of the United States and Canada.

Item #15158
ISBN: 9780358164074

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