Item #15089 Rewilding Iberia: Explorando el potencial de la renaturalizacion en Espana. Jordi Palau.

Rewilding Iberia: Explorando el potencial de la renaturalizacion en Espana

Publisher: Lynx Edicions, 2020.
Binding: Paperback.
Condition: New.
Pages: 388

Text in Spanish. Rewilding represents a new viewpoint on nature conservation, reaching beyond to bring a more functional vision and moving into notions of rural development and reconnecting people with nature and wildness. The concept originated in North America in the nineties and has been growing and developing in Europe since 2010.

Rewilding Iberia aims to assist rewilding in its development from theory to practice in Spain and to help extend its application to the whole of the north Mediterranean basin. The book combines academic rigor with readability, offering a complete survey of the implications of rewilding as a tool to complement the current paradigm for nature conservation, improving also its contribution to rural development.

The book analyses the main natural processes that have been significantly altered by human activity and establishes the tenets of rewilding as a strategy for the active restoration of their function wherever possible. This is achieved by examining the origin and significance of this new perspective for conservation, by exploring its possibilities in the Spanish geographic context, and by analyzing the factors affecting its application in a given area.

After discussing its allure and potential for Spain, the book describes the techniques and policies that might assist the development of rewilding, and develops some specific case studies that contribute to a better understanding of the impact and scope it could attain.

Item #15089
ISBN: 9788416728251

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