Item #14906 Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest. Matt Williams.

Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest

Publisher: Indiana University Press, 2018.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New.
Pages: 214

From the birds who wake us in the morning with their cheerful chorus to those who flock to our feeders and brighten a gloomy winter day, birds fascinate us with their lively and interesting behavior and provide essential services from controlling pest populations to pollinating crops. And yet for all the benefits they provide, many species across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio are in danger of extinction due to loss of habitat, agricultural expansion, changing forest conditions, and interactions with humans.

In Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest, Matt Williams profiles forty of the most beautiful and interesting birds who winter, breed, or migrate through the Midwest and whose populations are most in danger of disappearing from the region. Each profile includes the current endangered status of the species, a description of the bird's vocal and nesting patterns, and tips to help readers identify them, along with stunning color images and detailed migration maps.

An exquisite and timely examination of our feathered friends, Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest is a call to action to protect these vulnerable and gorgeous creatures that enliven our world.

'The Midwest can claim an abundance of beautiful and fascinating birds, but unfortunately, some of them are at risk of vanishing. Read this book's informative text and linger over Matt Williams's stunning photography, and you'll agree that these treasures of birdlife are worth saving. I highly recommend Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest to anyone who cares about the natural world.' - Kenn Kaufman, birder, naturalist, and author of Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America.

Item #14906
ISBN: 9780253035271

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