Item #14114 Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me. Mike O'Connor.

Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me

Beacon Press, 2013. Paperback. Small remainder mark. Mike O'Connor knows bird watchers as well as he knows birds. He knows that if you're even slightly interested in identifying birds or attracting them to your backyard with a feeder, then you've also had your share of strange and silly questions about birds and their baffling behavior. In Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me?, O'Connor applies his deep knowledge of all things avian— and his hilarious sense of humor—to answer the burning and bizarre questions that every bird enthusiast and amateur bird watcher has wondered at one time or another but might be too embarrassed to ask: Do woodpeckers take baths? Is there such a thing as a wild parakeet? Do Northern Cardinals have anything to do with Catholic cardinals? Questions range from the practical (Should I rotate the seed in my feeder?) to the quirky (Why are vultures eating my vinyl screen door?) to the adorable (Are those birds kissing or feeding each other?). 185 pages. New. Item #14114
ISBN: 9780807012536

Price: $12.95

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