Item #13637 The Black Woodpecker: A Monograph on Dryocopus Martius. Gerald GORMAN.

The Black Woodpecker: A Monograph on Dryocopus Martius

Publisher: Lynx Edicions, 2011.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New.
Pages: 184

This comprehensive monograph covers all aspects of the life of one of the largest and most striking picids on the planet. Morphology, identification, communication, distribution, behaviour, breeding and relationships, both with other wildlife and mankind, are just some of the topics covered in thirteen highly readable and authoritative chapters. The text is enriched by two exquisite color plates, original black-and-white illustrations, unique drumming waveforms and sonograms of calls, accurate maps and superb color photographs. An extensive bibliography includes works in many languages. Gerard Gorman has supplemented his long hours in the company of Black Woodpeckers with in-depth literature research to produce the definitive work on this species. The Black Woodpecker is a personal account written for all, whether professional or amateur, who are interested in woodpeckers and indeed all forest birds.

Gerard Gorman is the author of six previous books including the acclaimed Woodpeckers of Europe. For the last 25 years his main ornithological interest has been the Picidae and he is recognised as an authority on the European species. This monograph is the product of his fascination with the largest of those species. Gerard has visited five continents in search of woodpeckers and is currently on a never-ending quest to observe and study as many as possible in preparation for his next book, a photographic guide to all the world's species.

Item #13637
ISBN: 9788496553798

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