Item #13631 Contributions to the History of American Ornithology. Keir B. Sterling.

Contributions to the History of American Ornithology

Publisher: Arno Press, 1974.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New.
Pages: 376

1974 Arno Press reprint edition. Reprinted from copies in the American Museum of Natural History. Contains four publications, as follows, in this one volume.

- Fowler, Samuel Page. Ornithology of the United States, Its Past and Present History (Reprinted from Essex Institute Proceedings, Vol. 2), Salem, Mass., 1856. Pages 327-334.

- Coues, Elliott. Progress in American Ornithology (Reprinted from The American Naturalist, Vol. V), New York, 1871. Pages 364-373.

- Chapman, Frank M. and Theodore S. Palmer, editors. Fifty Years' Progress in American Ornithology, 1883-1933. Lancaster, Penna., 1933. Published by the American Ornithologists' Union on the occassion of its Semi-centennial Anniversary, New York, N.Y., November 13-16, 1933 (revised edition).

- Batchelder, Charles Foster. An Account of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, 1873-1919 (Reprinted from Memoirs of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, Vol. 8), Cambridge, Mass., 1937. Pages 1-109.

Item #13631
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