Item #10116 Photographic Handbook of the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe. Dominic Mitchell, Steve Young.

Photographic Handbook of the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe

Publisher: New Holland Books, 1999.
Binding: Hardcover.
Condition: New / New.
Pages: 191

Tthe most comprehensive collection ever to be published of photographs and descriptions of rare birds that have occurred in Europe in recent years. This revised and updated edition aims to give birders the most accurate and complete photographic record of Europe's rare birds. The photographs have been assembled from top photographers throughout the region and, wherever possible, are those of rarities actually photographed in Europe. The detailed and descriptive text, which covers the identification, habitat, range and European status of each species, is particularly concerned with highlighting those characteristics which birders will need to know for identification in the field. This unique book --now revised and updated with an additional 17 species -- has been assembled with the invaluable help of rarities committees and other experts throughout the continent, and is an indispensable guide for any birder interested in pursuing this fascinating and fast-growing aspect of birdwatching. Includes nearly 723 photographs, accompanied by full details of month, year, location and country; and detailed descriptions of 284 species, including true vagrants, very rare breeding birds, and some vagrant subspecies, cover identification, voice, habitat, distribution and European status.

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