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Sky Islands: Encountering a Landlocked Archipelago

New Arrival: Sky Islands: Encountering a Landlocked Archipelago

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We received copies of Dan Fischer’s Sky Islands: Encountering a Landlocked Archipelago months ago, but put the books aside due to damage received during shipping - bumped corners. When I sat down to add the title to our inventory, I decided to give the author a call and learn more about his book. Being old codgers (he’s 88 and I’m 78), we had a great time discussing books and the changing times. As  I thumbed through his book, it soon became apparent to me what an achievement it represented. The region’s setting is described in terms of geology, topography and drainage, climate, life zones, and the native peoples. He then covers the exploration and settlement of the region from the Spanish Conquest into the 20th Century with many illustrations and a chronology of events. The flora and fauna of each of the 11 zoogeographic zones of the region are covered in detail, illustrated with color photographs by the author and quotes from naturalists and explorers. Fischer’s own observations on the human and natural history of the region provide a wealth of information and insight. In sum, this a coffee table book to be read as well as to enjoy visually.

New hardcover with bumped corners. Fischer has spent a life exploring and photographing the rich and distinctive natural history of extreme southeastern Arizona and adjacent lands in New Mexico and the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora. His magnum opus covers both the human and natural history of the region illustrated throughout with maps, color photographs and paintings. Includes a section featuring contemporary artists both famous and some less so, with examples of their work.


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