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A complete field guide with excellent color illustrations.

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A Field Guide to the Birds of Taiwan

A Field Guide to the Birds of Taiwan

Covering over 670 species found in Taiwan and surrounding islets including 27 endemic species and 56 endemic subspecies, this new English edition of A Field Guide to the Birds of Taiwan features artwork detailing seasonal, age, sexual, and subspecies differences in approximately 190 annotated color plates, updated distribution maps, and concise but informative text dealing not only with identification but aspects of biology such as habitat and voice. This new guide should be a valuable addition to any birder's library. In English, with English, Chinese and scientific names.

A very well-produced guide with excellent color illustrations. Range maps opposite color plates with concise but complete identification text. Accounts include English, Latin, and Chinese name, characteristics, similar species, habitat, voice and status. Key field marks are noted on the plates beside the illustrations. The book includes a map and brief descriptions of Birdwatching Attractions in Taiwan. Very reasonably sized for the field.

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