Kingfishers and Related Birds

by FORSHAW, Joseph M. and William T. COOPER
Kingfishers and Related Birds

Kingfishers and Related Birds

by FORSHAW, Joseph M. and William T. COOPER

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Sydney: Lansdowne Editions, 1983-1994. Six volumes in three solander boxes with leather labels and velvet lined interiors, Folios. Each volume is hand-bound in imported leather and fabric, and presented in a cloth-covered Solander box. Only 1,000 sets printed, this set is number 494. Signed by the author and illustrator on the limitation page of each volume. PART I: Alcedinidae (Kingfishers) 564 pp. with 52 color plates (both volumes). Volume 1: Ceryle to Cittura (includes the fish-eating and specialist kingfishers). Volume 2: Halcyon to Tanysiptera (includes woodland kingfishers and the beautiful racket-tailed or paradise kingfishers). PART II: Todidae to Phoeniculidae - Volume 3: Todidae, Momotidae and Meropidae (Todies, Motmots and Bee-eaters) 315 pp., 26 color plates. Volume 4: Leptosomatidae, Coraciidae, Upupidae and Phoeniculidae (Rollers, Hoopoes and Wood Hoopoes) 251 pp., 22 color plates. PART III: Bucerotidae (Hornbills) 437 pp. including 56 color plates (Both Volumes). Volume 5: Bucorvus to Anthracoceros. Volume 6: Buceros to Ceratogymna. Complete sets are scarce as a great many of the text blocks of Part III were never bound. The Australian publisher Lansdowne Editions published fine leather bound bird books in the late 20th Century. Most featured text by Joseph M. Forshaw and the paintings of William T. Cooper in signed limited editions. Available with a custom built storage cabinet for an additional $1,500.

Publisher: Landsowne Editions

Year of Publication: 1994