Naturalist's Color Guide

by SMITHE, Frank B
Naturalist's Color Guide

Naturalist's Color Guide

by SMITHE, Frank B

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This is the complete set containing the paperbound Supplement and Part III (1981). Swatches for 182 colors are provided in the ring binder with a mask to aid in color determination. Ridgway's Color Standards and Color Nomenclature published in 1912 contained swatches and names for 1,115 colors and shades; Smithe found that this was too many colors and initially proposed only 86 colors. On the advice of knowledgeable critics, he added 96 colors in 1981. A limited number of copies of the Naturalist's Color Guide were published and the complete set with the additional 96 colors in the binder is scarce.

Publisher: New York: American Museum of Natural History

Year of Publication: 1974

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