Original Artwork by Tony Angell: The Cowbirds

by Tony Angell
Original Artwork by Tony Angell: The Cowbirds

Original Artwork by Tony Angell: The Cowbirds

by Tony Angell


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Master artist Tony Angell has written and illustrated books on birds for over thirty years. Here, we are pleased to offer four of his original pen and ink drawings on clayboard, which were used in Blackbirds of the Americas [1985]. This piece shows six species of cowbirds, including Shiny cowbird, Screaming cowbird, Bay-winged cowbird, Bronzed cowbird, and Brown-headed cowbird. The Giant Cowbird is in the center. The image in frame measures 28 x 32 in.

Angell describes his technique as follows: "an ink drawing is more a declaration than an explanation. To achieve this effect, I transfer the outline of an initial drawing onto the surface of the board. I then paint in the outlines in ink, and the details of the original pencil drawing are produced by using a sharp stylus to scratch through the dry ink into the white clay finish of the board. A very fine line of white is revealed, and eventually, using the stylus, I can produce the fine details, patterns, and highlights that are important in defining and giving vitality to my subject." -Puget Sound through an Artistís Eye (2009).

These works are exquisitely framed and silk-matted, in a matching series. Dimensions shown are framed dimensions; frames not pictured here.

Tony Angell works not only in pen and ink, but in stone. He was named the 2001 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Master Wildlife Artist for his sculpture.

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