Studies in Neotropical Ornithology Honoring Ted Parker (OM48)

by Remsen, J.V., Jr.

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Studies in Neotropical Ornithology Honoring Ted Parker (OM48)

Studies in Neotropical Ornithology Honoring Ted Parker (OM48)

by Remsen, J.V., Jr.

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Ornithological Monographs No. 48. More than 50 papers on neotropical ornithology. Several color plates. In original box.

Although he published numerous papers, the majority of his data and many of his ideas were never published. His major discoveries and primary themes are summarized and highlighted in the AOU Ornithological Monograph #48, along with scores of papers on Neotropical ornithology, including many of Ted's unpublished manuscripts, completed here by other researchers.

The future of Neotropical ornithology changed forever when Ted Parker died in August 1993. We'll never know exactly how it was changed, but we know it is going to be different without him. Most of his first 40 years were spent developing an unrivaled knowledge of natural history, and he had just begun to acquire the confidence and stature to apply that background to big problems. His death was, therefore, a multidimensional tragedy. The first two papers in this volume provide many details on Ted and his career... Soon after Ted's death his legions of friends searched for ways to express their appreciation for his friendship and his influence. this volume is one of those efforts. - From the preface by J.V. Remsen, Jr.

ISBN: 0935868933

Publisher: American Ornithologists' Union

Year of Publication: 1997

Page Count: 918

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