Birds of Mexico: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter
Birds of Mexico: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

Birds of Mexico: MP3 Sound Collection [CD]

by Boesman, Peter

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650 species, 725 tracks, 6 hours. Can be used on your CD-Player, PC, or MP3 player. Together with the MP3-CD you will get a printable 20-page booklet (as a PDF on the disc) including a manual how to use the MP3-CD, a complete specieslist and information on date and locality for every recording This information is also included on the CD in the form of a webpage (use Internet Explorer) from which any sound file can be clicked directly thanks to the embedded hyperlinks; for mac users a PDF file can be found on the disc. Every recording includes embedded information such as English name, Scientific name, Date and time of recording, Locality name with coordinates, Recordist, and in some cases further remarks or comments about background species. This information can be consulted in standard software like Windows Media Player, iTunes and even on some MP3 players like the iPod series. Typically several soundfiles per species are included, e.g. to illustrate different types of vocalizations, to illustrate some degree of geographical variation or to document vocalizations from different corners of a bird's distribution.Complete printable booklet in PDF on CD.


Year of Publication: 2006

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