Archives of Falconry I-V

Archives of Falconry I-V

Archives of Falconry I-V

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Boise: The Archives of Falconry. Complete matched set of No. 48 of the Subscriber's Edition in the Archives Heritage Publication Series. Special edition bindings in green and brown cloth with gilt lettering on spines and front covers.
Includes all five publications in the series:

American Falconry in the Twentieth Century. Russell Luff Meredith. Volume I, 1999.
Life with an Indian Prince: Journals of John J. Craighead and Frank C. Craighead Jr. Volume II, 2001.
A Short Discourse of Hawking to the Field with High Flying Long-winged Hawkes. Thomas Sherley. Volume III, 2004.
Bibliotheca Accipitraria II. John R. Swift. Volume IV, 2011.
An Ancient Sport in the New World: A History of Falconry in the Americas. S. Kent Carnie. Volume V, 2013.

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